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Fruity Babes and Ginger Hunks – Chocolate Christmas Gifts


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Prestat’s Fruity Babes make a wonderfully irreverent Christmas gift. Each fruit jelly is infused with an intense flavour, before being enrobed in thick delicious Prestat chocolate. You will never want to eat a plain old Jelly Baby again after experiencing the marriage of flavours here. The fruit is sweet yet sharp, the jelly soft yet firm, and the chocolate glorious yet glorious! A perfect gift for your teenager, your partner, or your crush. The box, designed by the inimitable Kitty Arden, is a burst of colour. An almost lilac-tainted pink, set against a gilded fruit bowl, it would take pride of place on a bedside table…once the chocolates are finished. Black currant, lemo n, mandarin, passion fruit, and raspberry – take your pick.

Much the same can be said of our Ginger Hunks, except that the flavour stays resolutely ginger, which is no bad thing considering the warm spice that oozes onto your taste buds as you bite through hunks of crystallized stem ginger enrobed in dark 70% chocolate. Ginger invokes Christmas, as many warm sweet spices do, and these are the perfect gift for your father, grandfather, and any hunks in your life!

With less than a month to, check out the full range of Prestat Chocolate Christmas Gifts – there is still time.

Anthony Lewis- Binns


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