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Easter at Prestat




Chocolate is one of life’s little luxuries, which might explain its ubiquitous nature around the Easter period. People often give up chocolate for Lent, showing that the confectionary is high on the agenda most of the year round, and that there must be a special occasion to warrant going without.

So one can now rejoice in the knowledge that with the arrival of Easter, comes the disappearance of Lent, which in its wake brings the reappearance of all you denied yourself (for noble reasons of course.) For a sizeable number, that means chocolate.

Blue Easter EggThe egg is a symbol of new life. In centuries past, it was traditional to decorate hens’ eggs, but this has been usurped in this glorious modern age with chocolate eggs, which taste far better. It was also said that Mary Magdalene brought cooked eggs to the tomb of Jesus, and the eggs turned bright red when he rose, which explains why people decorate them.

There may not be a religious or traditional reason behind the popularity of chocolate eggs, but culinary excuses are just as valid. Prestat celebrates Easter with some of the best chocolate eggs in the world, eggs befitting Prestat’s status as a purveyor of luxury chocolate. Eggs can be bought in white, milk and dark varieties. A firm favourite is the Rose and Violet Cream egg, the dark chocolate egg accompanied by the famous rose and violet creams. The slightly bitter nature of dark chocolate is perfectly balanced with the sweet rose and violet cream- filled chocolates. The original dark chocolate egg is filled with delicious truffles, to make a real gourmet chocolate gift. A personal favourite is the Sea Salt Caramel Egg, which comes complete with caramel truffles infused with sea salt to create the perfect piquancy.

A celebratory option is the Marc de Champagne mini egg set, which has 16 hand-foiled bespoke mini eggs, made to the famous Champagne truffle recipe. They are the perfect way to indulge in the delights of chocolate come Easter.

Prestat’s box designs lend themselves well to Easter, which is often celebrated with the decorating of eggs. Box designs by Kitty Arden perfectly exemplify the luxury inside the box. Gold-embossed with quirky egg- themed designs, they can be kept and used to store other treasures. They are certainly not meant for throwing away.

Prestat has a fair trade policy which ensures that the ingredients are always sourced fairly, giving farmers their fair share of the economy borne out of the chocolate trade. Buying with Prestat thus ensures the luxury whilst helping to support farmers around the globe. Go to the Prestat website’s fair trade tab to read about how the company takes the process beyond and above what is required by the basic fair trade policy.

Make Easter a special occasion with Prestat.

Happy Easter to all,

Anthony Lewis- Binns.

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