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Celebrate Chocolate Week with Prestat




Chocolate Week 2012Happy Chocolate Week to all! Commencing on the 8th and taking us to the 14th, Chocolate Week is a celebration of all things cocoa. It is nigh-on impossible to find a soul on the planet who isn’t enamoured to the sweet taste which is the result of decades of chocolate-making expertise. Prestat has been at the forefront of innovation in quality and taste in chocolate for decades and its Royal Warrant is testament to its luxury. We have flavour combinations that are irresistible and unique: from our Marc de Champagne truffles to our Dark Chocolate Fiery Chilli Cool Lime wafers; from the classic Rose and Violet Cremes to the more recent Teddy Bear truffles, which are infused with sweet and mellow honey.

The Chocolate Week official website has a section on ‘How to recognise good chocolate’. It stipulates a minimum of 60% cocoa for good dark chocolate and 30% for milk. Prestat doesn’t do things by halves; minimum contents be damned! Our dark chocolate bars typically have a minimum 70% cocoa content. Cocoa content is only relevant when the raw ingredients are of the highest quality. Our ingredients are sourced expertly with directors Bill and Nick regularly travel to countries such as Ghana. Prestat has a Trading Fairly policy which ensures that farmers benefit from increased knowledge and price information.

Chocolate makes you feel good. It is a small indulgence in a world that can often be stressful. With work, children, rushing from A to B, it can be difficult to take little moments out to indulge and forget any anxieties with the taste sensations that good chocolate provides.

So remember that a little indulgence can go a long way. Celebrate Chocolate Week with the luxury of Prestat. I know I will – I hear the delightful Jewel Box calling my name…..

Anthony Lewis- Binns

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