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  • 10 Intriguing Chocolate Facts



    1.) The name ‘ Cacao’ is Mayan for God food. The cocoa bean was considered a divine gift in the ancient civilisation. Perhaps the Mayans really did have powers of prophecy, given that Prestat chocolates are also considered divine gifts. 2.) 66% of cocoa is produced in Africa. Lots of our beans come from countries [...]

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  • Chocolate Cornflake Cakes Recipe



    Chocolate cornflake cakes - a classic children’s snack made all the better with the use of Prestat chocolate and sure to please the child in all of us! Ingredients 50g butter 4 tbsp golden syrup 100g Prestat plain chocolate 75g cornflakes Instructions Gently melt the chocolate, syrup and butter in a pan Stir in the cornflakes and [...]

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  • Prestat in the Media



    Rather eccentric. An absolute treat. Handmade. All words to describe not our Prestat chocolates, but co-owner of the company, Nick Crean. Ok, apart from the last one. The Daily Mail has a charming feature about the company, written after a visit to our factory in Acton. We impressed, obviously, despite our lack of a “chocolate [...]

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