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  • Concerning the Easter Bunny



    The Easter Bunny had a rough deal. Bunnies were not known to hibernate, nor were they known to store food in little hideaways for later like squirrels. Bunnies hopped around joyously, were stroked and fed by zealous children charged with the responsibility of a new pet. Bunnies get to nibble on lettuce and cabbage, and [...]

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  • Easter at Prestat



    Chocolate is one of life’s little luxuries, which might explain its ubiquitous nature around the Easter period. People often give up chocolate for Lent, showing that the confectionary is high on the agenda most of the year round, and that there must be a special occasion to warrant going without. So one can now rejoice [...]

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  • Some Children Do ‘Av ‘Em



    Unlike vast numbers of events on the calendar, one cannot be accused of rampant commercialism, for everyone feels precisely the same about Mother’s Day. Its necessity and ubiquity speaks for itself. Dates may alter, but all around the world, there is a desire to mark the relationship between mother and child. From Britain to Jamaica, [...]

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