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  • Prestat Interviews: The Shop



    In a series of interviews, we will gain some insight into the inner workings of the Prestat company, learning along the way some of the decision-making processes, how the shop is managed, how the chocolate is made, how it is packaged, and how those all-important flavours are decided upon. This interview focuses on the famous [...]

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  • When I Grow up I want to be a Prestat Chocolate



    All was calm in the cocoa pod. The air was thick with anticipation; The Man with the Big Knife could be heard approaching. Twas the season to be picked, finally. The pod, though a comfort to be in, was bearing its fruit. “Okay everyone” said Mother Cocoa Bean, “you all know the plan. You know [...]

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  • St Valentine wants Chocolate



    The Via Flaminia is a road ignored in modern times, too small and too country for the trucks and the trainers and the iphones of today. Inconvenient for modernity meant perfectly convenient for this story’s possibility, for how could an ancient saint return unnoticed on a busy bypass? Laid to rest along here on the [...]

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