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Prestat in China




It was with great excitement that I visited Shanghai for the first time to meet with Prestat’s new distributor for China. What an amazing city! A mixture of the old and new with elements of Tokyo, Bangkok and Hanoi thrown into a single metropolis. And, in my five day experience, incredibly hospitable people and some really good top-end restaurants.

Prestat_chinaChocolate is a relatively under-developed food category in China. There was a great cafe called Awfully Chocolate which sold rich ganache chocolates, sumptuous hot chocolate, delicious cupcakes and thick slices of chocolate cake. The top food stores such as City Super are as fine as anything London has to offer. Good chocolates, however, were hard to come by and there were few local artisan boutiques.

Awfully Chocolate aside, there was a Godiva store selling its chocolates for £140/kg (I kid you not!) and a confectionery store called Sweet & Honey which sold confectionery and chocolate alongside flow-wrapped chicken feet, duck kidney and beef tripe. Not what one would expect to see in a European confectionery shop but the beauty of the world is in its diversity.

While these combinations didn’t inspire in me any new recipes, there was little doubt in my mind that China is a land of opportunity. Any country that has a magnetic levitating train whisking you to the airport at 300km per hour compared to the trundling joke named the Gatwick Express back here in the UK needs to be taken seriously. And you can get the best foot massage ever, so greatly looking forward to a return trip.


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