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Father’s Day – Make him proud




Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the time of the year we celebrate how great our Fathers’ (or other Father figures in our lives) are. They have nurtured us; watched us grow; seen us fall over and picked us up again. So on the 20th of June make sure you do something special for him.

We thought we would give you some top tips for this Father’s Day.

1) Make him Breakfast in bed
All Dads love a good breakfast in bed. Don’t over-plan it though, no need to get up a 6 in the morning to cook a 3 course meal. The best bet is load up on some pastries, toast, fruit and tea/coffee. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to make – and he will love it!

2) Make him a card:
It’s the personal touch that really hit home. Cards are so simple to make and your Dad is sure to appreciate the effort.

3) You Don’t Need to Break the Bank!
Find out what it is you Dad likes. Be it socks, books or chocolates – what ever the gift he will love that you have thought about his interests.

If your Father likes chocolates, send him some fabulous, Prestat chocolates.

We think the perfect gift for your caring Father is a delicious Prestat Mint Box. This inexpensive box will make a great Father’s Day gift. Within the assortment you will find a selection of hand-crafted bitter mints, peppermint cream’s, mint crisps and a unique coffee mint.

Why not have a look at our Father’s Day Chocolate’s page for some other Father’s Day gift idea’s.

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