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The Prestat Poem and Customer Comments




Here at Prestat, we like nothing more than hearing the satisfied responses of our customers. Below are just some of the kind words that we have received from fans and supporters of our chocolates, both at home and in the press:


The favourite of our customer comments - a genuine entry by a pleased customer, and now the official Prestat poem!


“Prestat chocolate is simply the best

And I’ve tried most of the rest -

60-70% is the only choice for me,

The more intense – the better it will be;

I try all makes and have my ‘faves’

But I’m loving Prestat – it gives me the ‘raves’”


- Sue from Harpenden in Hertfordshire


About Prestat:

  • “Simple and utterly delicious” – Home and Gardens
  • “Prestat has weakened the knees of discerning chocolate lovers for more than a century” – The FT Weekend
  • “Jewels of taste from a by-gone era” – The Independent
  • “The Queen Mother kept a supply in a drawer by her desk” – The Times
  • “Melt with desire” – Vogue
  • “Just the right balance of flavours” – Time Out
  • “Shamelessly indulgent” – Style, Sunday Times
  • “Life’s a bowl of Prestat truffles” – The FT Weekend
  • “The whole tasting panel swooned dangerously” – The Guardian
  • “Too good to give away” – Harpers Bazaar
  • “Exquisite, rich and dangerously moreish” – The Independent
  • “Prestat is one of the top three chocolate shops in the world” – Economist Life
  • “Treat yourself” – Daily Mail
  •  ”Sure to put a smile on any chocoholic’s face” – Daily Express
  •  ”Wonderfully grown-up truffles” – Christmas Magazine


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