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Croatian chocolate: Bill’s verdict!




Bill KeelingDubrovnik is sometimes described as a chocolate-box city, its medieval buildings so beautiful as to defy imagination. Equally incomprehensible was that this World Heritage site should have been militarily attacked by neighbouring Serbia just 20 years ago. The mental scars persist but, thankfully, little of the physical damage remains.

The city is now a major tourist destination and this year’s choice for an annual holiday with my friends Alasdair, Louise and Bob.

When not walking the streets of Dubrovnik, playing cards or gracing the tennis court, most of our time was spent eating and drinking. Committed to the chocolate cause, we munched our way through multiple chocolate bars from the leading Croatian brand Dorina and ‘krafne’, chocolate-filled donuts from the local bakery.

Croats clearly enjoy milk chocolate as Dorina make at least three varieties of milk chocolate bar depending on how milky you like your chocolate. As I’m a bit of a milk chocolate tart, I didn’t see anything wrong with that although I can’t rave about the quality of the chocolate. Beautifully wrapped and enjoyable milk chocolate – very much in the Galaxy league – and certainly good enough to send Alasdair scurrying back to the supermarket.

The krafne met with rather mixed reviews.

Bob said, “Not too bad” but he’s a man who considers a £5 bottle of wine from Tesco one of life’s luxuries. Lou commented, “Nice chocolate, very greasy donut” and Alasdair declared, “Resoundingly average – but perfectly happy to eat it”. (No surprise there).

Sadly not a five star review for the chocolate, I’m afraid, but don’t let that put you off visiting Dubrovnik which is an absolute jewel on the stunning Adriatic coast.

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