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  • In memory of Peggy Cramer



    Margaret Cramer, known by all as Peggy, was Prestat’s head of packing and later shop manageress for over 30 years, finally retiring in 2001. She passed away peacefully on November 15 the day after her 79th birthday. Prestat’s customers will remember Peggy with great affection. She was born in Ireland and started work in the [...]

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  • Croatian chocolate: Bill’s verdict!



    Dubrovnik is sometimes described as a chocolate-box city, its medieval buildings so beautiful as to defy imagination. Equally incomprehensible was that this World Heritage site should have been militarily attacked by neighbouring Serbia just 20 years ago. The mental scars persist but, thankfully, little of the physical damage remains. The city is now a major [...]

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  • Chocolate History : Today



    During the early part of the 20th century, new machinery, new lands for cacao-growing, and even the two world wars helped spread chocolate’s popularity. Today, although cacao farming hasn’t changed much, chocolate manufacturing has become a blend of art and science. Thanks to trade and technology, cacao seeds and chocolate are part of a global [...]

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