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And the winner is…




Wow! We were blown over by the number of entries we had for the competition; over 80 people.

The names of the Queen’s Corgis are: Monty, Emma, Linnet, Willow and Holly. Nearly all of you got the right answer but unfortunately there can be only one winner. So without further ado, the result.

To make things fair we put all the nominations in a Prestat bag with our official representative pulling the lucky name.

Drum roll please. The Winner of the Prestat Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles is…….

Layra Davis! Woohoo!

So that’s all folks! A big thank you to everyone who entered, and we will be in contact shortly Layra to get those lovely truffles into your hands.

Check back often as there will be lots of similar competitions and give aways really soon.

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